Road trip to Nebraska!

Last week we traveled the 630 miles up to Nebraska to spend a week with my husbands parents. They recently bought a place up there this past spring.

We had a great time! Kids learned the history of their place, it was homesteaded in 1875! There are 5 huge barns for the kids to explore and play in too. They had a BLAST finding old nic-knacks out there. Hubby and his dad got the old elevator in the old corn crib functioning again….that was funny!! Hubby also got the lights working in the ‘big barn’! My mother in law and I took K & M to a car show up the road after we got here, hubby and my father in law went and got an old coal stove from his grandparents and we visited with them.

Kiddos got to FINALLY play with their cousins, the 2 oldest are 13 months apart, our middle is just a few years younger than them, our youngest and my sister in laws middle kid are 3 months apart and her youngest just tried to keep up with the big kids!!

It was 9 days of loads of fun, amazing family time and great memories!!

We’re already looking forward for our next trip up here!!


How about a doTerra oils update?

Have you tried doTERRA’s oils yet? If not, what are you waiting for? We have now been using EO’s in our lives for 4 1/2 months!! Let me tell ya, I’ve never felt better! Physically and mentally. I know these work. I know if an illness arises, I’m better prepared to treat it at home! We still haven’t used OTC or prescription medication since I got my first shipment. Okay, I lied. I took 2 ibuprofen when I had a toothache last month. I had ran out of my Clove I keep in my purse and was away from home. I took those 2, it worked for about 20 minutes. I personally decided to deal with the pain until I got home that night.
As soon as I got home and got the kids situated, I literally ran to my bathroom and put Clove on my tooth. By the time I walked out of my bedroom, toothache was gone and hasn’t hurt since!

I’ve also started taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack.
Woo-wee y’all. This stuff packs a punch! I’ve now been taking LLVP for a week and I can tell a HUGE difference! I have more energy, I have more of an appetite for healthier foods, my sweets cravings have gone way down- and I expect them to be gone completely soon, I’m able to focus alot better & I just feel fantastic! I’m not one to jump on every “health junkie” bandwagon. But this has a 30 day money back guarantee so I thought I’d give it a try! I’m glad I did!!

We’ve added new oils!! I now use ClaryCalm and Whisper to help balance hormones and help with my PMS symptoms, they’ve worked TREMENDOUSLY. I feel like a brand new woman! Plus, Whisper smells heavenly 🙂

I also wanted to give you guys a rough idea of what oils/supplements we’re using on a daily basis (and what they’re for!)

In the mornings:

Balance- I put this baby in a roll on bottle and roll it on the bottoms of my (and the kiddos) feet. Every morning and around lunchtime. Balance is a grounding blend. It helps ease stress, calms you down and well gets us thru our days! Since starting this on the kiddos, we have gotten thru our lessons alot quicker, weve had no breakdowns and no attitudes (YAY!!!) This oil is a God-send for us!!

Lemon- We all put a couple drops of Lemon in the palms of our hands first thing in the morning. Then, we all inhale!!! The kids LOVE Lemon! Lemon helps boost energy and brightens our day. I also put a couple drops in a glass of water.

I take my Lifelong Vitality pills..they help with metabolism, they give you the vitamins and nutrients that your body might be missing and overall- promotes a healthier lifestyle!

Whisper- I put 1-2 drops on the insides of my wrist each day and rub them together. Whisper works with your own, individual scent. Meaning a room full of women can put this on, same oil, and within a few minutes everybody’s wrist smells different! Trust me, we tried it in a class!!

ClaryCalm- This comes in a roll-on bottle, whew. ClaryCalm helps balance your hormones. It also helps with cramps, nausea, symptoms of menopause and helps with those crazy mood swings some of us women are incredibly blessed with! *could you sense my sarcasm?
Personal testimony here ladies (because sorry gentlemen, this one isn’t for you!) This oil blend has helped me ALOT in the monthly mother nature visit department. After using this a week, I got my monthly cycle. It was by far the best (if thats even possible) cycle I’ve ever had. Before, I was pretty much useless and bedridden the first 1-3 days. I’ve been using this on my tummy and down across my ovaries since mid August and noticed a difference in 2 days!!!!

Okay, gentlemen, you’re welcome to join us again 🙂

About the time we begin our morning lessons, I put Wild Orange and Peppermint in our diffuser and turn that sucker on!! Make sure and check out my post about diffusers here:

In the afternoon I use Balance on my feet and Lemon on my hands as a pick-me-up! I also take my last Lifelong Vitality pills for the day.

In the evenings, I diffuse a calming blend of some kind just in the living room.

At bedtime, I use Cedarwood (I put this in a roll on bottle) and a drop of Juniper Berry on the kids feet and rub it in nice and soft. I also run the Cedarwood on the kids’ spines, adding that has helped greatly. I’ve used Lavender in the past and it works amazingly well too. *Another testimony*
One night, I thought I’ll skip the oils tonight. Just to really see if they’re working. I put the kids to bed, turned off the lights and went to my bedroom. R woke up 3 times, K & M were so restless I could hear them tossing and turning from my bedroom!! Then, R woke up-ready to party like a rock star-at 4:30 A.M. Never.Again. will they go to bed without their oils!!
I put Lavender on my feet and Whisper on my wrists one more time before I turn in for the night.

I hope you’ll give doTERRA a change to transform your life!! I promise, you will not regret it!!

*I am not a physician. These are my own personal opinions and testimonies about essential oil use for my family.*

Hey! You got this!!!

How are my fellow homeschooling momma’s doing? You hangin’ in there okay?

Hopefully your school year is going well and full of fun & learning all sorts of new things!!

What happens when us momma’s get a little stressed? Patience running thin? Thinking about giving up?

DON’T!! 🙂 You can do this. I promise, it’s worth it. If nothing is going the way its “supposed” to be going, breathe. Take a day off….reevaluate.

If you’re new to homeschooling and needing to find yourself again, find YOU, not mom/teacher….set aside what we call “Momma Time” thats usually an hour or so every afternoon when lessons are finished and R is taking his nap. During this time, K & M either play outside or play quietly in their bedroom. Quietly is the key word. During Momma’s time, they understand that the only reason they need to come get me is if A) someone hit their head B) someone is bleeding C) someone is blue. 😉

That’s the time I have to relax, finish up household chores, prepare supper if its something that requires extra time, grade papers, shower etc.

Something else that’s helped immensely is our homeschool’s mission statement. I’ve printed it up and hung it on the wall above our white board. Every homeschool should have a mission statement I think. Something for you to look at when your having a rough day. It should remind you why your homeschooling in the first place and give you peace knowing you made the right choice for your children and your family. Here’s ours:


I wanted to post today and let you know that no matter what anyone says, you’re doing a FANTASTIC job. You’re doing whats best for YOUR children. Keep on keepin’ on my friends 🙂


I’m praying for you & yours. Blessings to your homeschool year!!!

Homeschoolers spirit week!!!

Did you know that us homeschoolers get a spirit week too?

Mark your calendar’s folks!!! I’m ex-cited! It will be held September 22 – September 26 this year. That’s the week we will be in Nebraska visiting family and we plan to participate!

I hope to see more homeschooling families take part in this as well. Are you ready?

Here’s the daily themes!

Here’s the website for this fun-filled week:

Hopefully your as excited as we are!!!! Feel free to post pictures of your kiddos participating 🙂

Quick Fix suppers…

If you’re a busy homeschooling momma like me, you’re always looking for quick suppers you can whip up after a math lesson took way longer than it was supposed to or a science experiment went wrong and your cleaning up your kitchen. Well here I am to (kinda) save the day!!! I’ll give you guys my top 3 favorite recipes. You’ll see I LOVE my crockpot 🙂

Quick fix suppers to us, isn’t running to the local pizza joint and picking up a large pepperoni pizza. We live 30 minutes from pretty much any fast food. Nope, we do it old school around here. Good, home cooked meals.

My first recipe I want to share is good ol’ chili!! Theres nothing better on a crisp fall or cold winter day, then a big old pot of yummy chili.
2 lbs ground beef (we use 90/10 100% grass fed beef)
1 box of 2 Alarm
1 packet of Williams chili seasoning
2 large cans of crushed tomatoes
2 regular cans of tomato sauce

Fry up your meat, drain the grease and throw it all in your crockpot. Since its cooked, I put it on low and let it simmer all afternoon. We love to put some Fritos in the bottom of a bowl and cover it with chili and shredded cheese!! This also freezes well. So if you’re looking for some make ahead suppers, go ahead and make an extra batch!!!

My next favorite is Chicken N Dumplins!!! Oh my, this is good, stick to your belly homemade goodness. My husband’s grandmother showed me how she makes dumplins shortly after we were married. She doesn’t do the whole lump of bisquick mess. No sir, her’s are homemade, rolled out dumplins. And boy howdy are they yummy!!! This is how I’ve been making them also. Here’s a link to the recipe I’ve found closest to Nanny’s.

My next favorite would have to be Indian Tacos!! Indian tacos are super duper easy and quick!! Plus, they’re a favorite at our house. The fry bread takes about 10*ish minutes to make, fry up your hamburger meat…throw in a can of ranch style beans and wa-la. There’s supper. We like to pile them with shredded lettuce and shredded cheese. Yum! Here’s the fry bread recipe I’ve found to be the easiest and quickest (doesn’t require any rising time!!)

Fry bread:
2 cups white flour
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 cup milk
Deep hot oil in frypan or fryer

Sift your dry ingredients. Gently stir in milk. Make sure you add more flour as necessary to make a dough you can handle. Kneed and work the dough on a floured board with floured hands until smooth. Pinch off fist-sized lumps and shape into a small disk. (Shape affects the taste, by the way because of how it fries).

We make them about the size of the palm of our hands. Make a small crater or small slit in the middle and put in the frying pan!! Fry until golden brown on each side, I then set them on a plate lined with paper towels and let the excess grease roll off!!

There you have it folks. Here are just a few of our favorite, quick fix meals here at Countryside Acres!

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Be on the look out for our favorite breakfasts, lunches and snacks too!!

50 days…

Yes! Its officially been 50 days since we started school!! I wanted to update y’all and let you guys know how we’re doing. What we’re still using, what we’ve thrown out the door and new discoveries.

Daily schedule? GONE! Yep, bye Felicia! We really tried a daily where every minute was accounted for, we had specific times for certain subjects. Call me crazy, but I thought it would be the best thing since sliced bread y’all. Yeah, no. Not here.
Life happened. Kids wanted to sleep in. Spontaneous science experiment came up. Friends called and last minute trips were planned (::gasp! Yes, homeschoolers have friends and socialize with the world, I know I know….shocker right?) Anyways, then the schedule got all thrown out of whack and it would completely stress both the kids and myself OUT. They hated that they were “late” starting their English lesson….I was upset that they got upset about being late for a measly lesson. Whomp whomp sad momma moment!!!
Now, we’re on a everyone up by 8am, breakfast & bible study around 8:30ish and lessons started by 9am, lunch around noon…..supper around 5 pm. Yep, there you have it boys & girls. Thats our schedule. And guess what? We’re all alive, happy and learning 🙂

Next….I finally found a Bible curriculum that I LOVE. I know, we could just open a bible and get to reading. But I wanted something geared toward children and has set lesson plans. Its a 52 week program. It breaks down the bible into kid terms. We’ve also added a weekly bible verse that K & M memorize throughout the week and will recite it by heart on Friday’s. We go over the verse (which is written so beautifully on the white board) several times a day.

So far, they’ve done great and are begging for bible time as soon as they roll out of bed!!

Ok, I was THAT newbie homeschool mom that decided I was going to make copies of their lessons and use those so I could save the books for younger siblings. Ahem: Ain’t nobody got time for that! I will just buy new books from now on!! That was getting nuts and taking up way too much time!! When you’re making copies of Math, Grammar, Spelling, Geography, Handwriting etc for 2 kids, it was completely eating up half of my Sunday. I decided to heck with that and we’re now writing in the books.

Our so awesome behavior chart? GONE! Maybe I was expecting too much from an 8 & 6 year old…but its gone. We now have neat little punch cards that my bestie (& fellow homeschooling momma over at ordered them from Oriental Trading and gave me some for K & M!! I love them, so I ordered more! When they fill up a card, they get something out of the treasure chest 🙂

Last but not least, a few of us local momma’s are working diligently to form a homeschooling group here in our area. The closest group to us, is an hour away. We’re working on getting an awesome group of moms and kiddos together. A fun group full of support, fellowship & socialization. LOL.

I felt the need to update our fans on how everything is going here at Countryside Acres! We’re looking forward to our month off in a few weeks. We’re planning lots of fun stuff to do while its cool. We’re looking at a trip to the zoo, nature walks, trips to museums and lots of extra family/friend time!!

How’s school going for you? Let us know in the comments!


Hey guys! Just checking in with everybody! We’ve been SUPER busy the last couple months. We are still trying to get into our groove with homeschooling, we’ve had birthdays, a death and family in from out of town!
Its been a wild ride, let me tell you! BUT we are managing and trucking along.

Kiddos are doing amazingly well! We hit some bumps in the road with K’s grammar curricula that we are working thru. We are just taking our time and reworking alot of troubles she’s had. M is doing great, working on phonics and going to start reading simple sight word books soon. R is being 3. He’s enjoying the ride. Bless his heart he tries to help his sisters if I’m busy.
We are taking October off. We plan to take a more ‘unschooling’ approach and learn thru life experiences during that time (maybe I’ll be able to get more organized with this blog also) We are hoping to go on some nature walks, taking field trips and breaking out the sewing machine and teaching myself & the girls how to sew!

So, just thought I’d check in…how’s your school year going?