Road trip to Nebraska!

Last week we traveled the 630 miles up to Nebraska to spend a week with my husbands parents. They recently bought a place up there this past spring.

We had a great time! Kids learned the history of their place, it was homesteaded in 1875! There are 5 huge barns for the kids to explore and play in too. They had a BLAST finding old nic-knacks out there. Hubby and his dad got the old elevator in the old corn crib functioning again….that was funny!! Hubby also got the lights working in the ‘big barn’! My mother in law and I took K & M to a car show up the road after we got here, hubby and my father in law went and got an old coal stove from his grandparents and we visited with them.

Kiddos got to FINALLY play with their cousins, the 2 oldest are 13 months apart, our middle is just a few years younger than them, our youngest and my sister in laws middle kid are 3 months apart and her youngest just tried to keep up with the big kids!!

It was 9 days of loads of fun, amazing family time and great memories!!

We’re already looking forward for our next trip up here!!


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