Hey! You got this!!!

How are my fellow homeschooling momma’s doing? You hangin’ in there okay?

Hopefully your school year is going well and full of fun & learning all sorts of new things!!

What happens when us momma’s get a little stressed? Patience running thin? Thinking about giving up?

DON’T!! 🙂 You can do this. I promise, it’s worth it. If nothing is going the way its “supposed” to be going, breathe. Take a day off….reevaluate.

If you’re new to homeschooling and needing to find yourself again, find YOU, not mom/teacher….set aside what we call “Momma Time” thats usually an hour or so every afternoon when lessons are finished and R is taking his nap. During this time, K & M either play outside or play quietly in their bedroom. Quietly is the key word. During Momma’s time, they understand that the only reason they need to come get me is if A) someone hit their head B) someone is bleeding C) someone is blue. 😉

That’s the time I have to relax, finish up household chores, prepare supper if its something that requires extra time, grade papers, shower etc.

Something else that’s helped immensely is our homeschool’s mission statement. I’ve printed it up and hung it on the wall above our white board. Every homeschool should have a mission statement I think. Something for you to look at when your having a rough day. It should remind you why your homeschooling in the first place and give you peace knowing you made the right choice for your children and your family. Here’s ours:


I wanted to post today and let you know that no matter what anyone says, you’re doing a FANTASTIC job. You’re doing whats best for YOUR children. Keep on keepin’ on my friends 🙂


I’m praying for you & yours. Blessings to your homeschool year!!!


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