Welcome to our page!

We are the C family. An oilfield family that homeschools their 3 kiddos living in southern Oklahoma.. You’ll see posts about our homeschooling adventures, living the oilfield life, our journey to a healthier, more natural lifestyle and about our funny farm!

I’m Momma T! I grew up in central Oklahoma and now call southern Oklahoma HOME. I enjoy being with my kiddos, spending time with my handsome husband, photography, fishing, blogging & playing with our animals. I’m a sucker for a good ol Oklahoma sunset, all things country/western/rustic/primitive and FUN! I hope you enjoy reading this blog! If you do enjoy it, consider subscribing to get instant email alerts for new posts!!

I hope to encourage you on *your* journey!

Whether homeschooling has been on your mind and your not sure where to go from that point or you’re a seasoned homeschooling momma (or dad) and needing encouragement, I’m here!

Or if you are beginning your journey with essential oils. I’ll be posting about ours as I learn as well!

Questions about your animals? Big or small, I will help with whatever I can 🙂

 Grab a seat, get a drink & enjoy!!!


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